The design for restructuring the interior of St. Hedwig’s Cathedral in Berlin enables the community of believers, previously split up in spatial terms, to be recreated as one. The circular seating arrangement unifies those attending services with the choristers and celebrants. The position of the liturgical places enhances the axial alignment, maintaining nonetheless Schwippert’s ideas on the time planes of past, present and future. At the centre of the new crypt we now find Bernhard Lichtenberg’s grave, which in this way is given a dignified and emphatic location. In addition, the workday chapel for up to 90 visitors is located here. The varied, newly-created, flexible and above all barrier-free connections are made possible in particular due to the sacristy which is relocated under the churchyard and now links St. Hedwig’s Cathedral with the Bernhard Lichtenberg House.

Site plan
Perspective workday chapel
Perspective crypt and Bernhard Lichtenberg Memorial Chapel