The design envisages the demolition and reconstruction of the 1980s building. The now-existing new building differentiates itself from the historical Bernhard Lichtenberg House by means of a gap and is more restrained in its above-ground construction volume. Thus, an attractive square arises between the old and new Bernhard Lichtenberg Haus and the cathedral. The new building intermeshes with the cathedral, not only powerfully in terms of content, but also constructionally through the sacristy that arises between the new construction and the cathedral, as well as exhibition rooms found here about the actions of Bernhard Lichtenberg and the church in East Germany as was. The underground rooms will be naturally lit via generous atriums that taper further down and offer charming views of the cathedral. While the new building’s ground floor is transparently open to visitors on all sides, the upper floors are closed off with a continuous membrane. This outer cover consisting of triangles permits generous views of outside from within, yet from without it seems closed, unified and sculptural, an effect that starts to reverse once dusk sets in, when the building begins to light up from within.

View Bernhard Lichtenberg House from south
View Bernhard Lichtenberg House from north
Perspective connection Bernhard Lichtenberg House with cathedral
Perspective Bernhard Lichtenberg House