What enables you to live in the city centre, yet at the same time look onto private, protected green spaces? A differentiated façade that forms space, is the answer. On the spot where the Dusseldorf provincial jail stood from 1893 to 2012, a new urban quarter with a blend of living and commercial property is to be created on around 5 hectares of land. The competition entry submitted by Michels Architekturbüro for the third of a total of four construction areas envisages a connected residential complex as a block providing surrounding free spaces on all floors placed at the front.

Divided by oriel windows, a three-dimensionally designed, space-forming outer façade is created that extends the living space: with a depth of up to 2.5 metres, this offers attractive free spaces for a variety of uses, as well as sufficient space for individual greenery. The sculptural design of the façade not only ensures a vibrant façade appearance, it also provides an interesting dovetailing of interior and exterior space. Value is added by the high degree of personal space vis-à-vis the neighbours, despite the generous glazing installed in all apartments.

A defining element is the differentiated, space-forming façade. Besides the architectural effect, it creates a unique level of living comfort with its diverse private exterior spaces.
The inner courtyard offers protected external areas to the ground floor flats and at the same time generous free space for all residents. With the exception of the south wing access, all buildings can be reached from public space.