The district of Germersheim plans to expand its head office in the old part of town into a central administrative site. To this end, the existing building from the early twentieth century is to be greatly markedly expanded by a new building. The competition entry submitted by Michels Architekturbüro proposes a compact, asymmetrical building that has several inner courtyards and creates new connections. Conceived as an economical reinforced concrete structure with serially produced facade modules, the building’s form fits respectfully into the town’s historical structure and creates an urban green space along the neighbouring river Queich.

The focal point of the design is a spacious lobby on the ground floor, which functions as a central circulation axis and runs through the entire building. A new pedestrian bridge over the Queich extends the axis, providing a direct connection to the town hall on the other side of the river. Whereas all the public functions are located along the lobby, the district hall’s internal technical departments are accommodated on the upper floors. Different possibilities for access as well as suites of connectable rooms allow for great flexibility of use.

The new and existing buildings combine to form an urban ensemble. By forming a semi-public courtyard, the historical building can still be experienced in its original form.
While the new building will have a load-bearing structure of reinforced concrete, sculpturally shaped precast units of exposed concrete create a lively play of shadows on the facade.