An office building with coworking spaces and micro-apartments is to be built on the former Kodak factory site in the Munich district of Sendling. For the corner lot where film stock was formerly produced, Michels Architekturbüro has designed a building with flexibly configurable rooms for new working arrangements. Equipped with a space-defining façade, fully glazed bays and a climate-friendly energy and mobility concept, the building is conceived as a sustainable, thoroughly green office building with flowing transitions between inside and outside.

The L-shaped building is designed as a delicate, loft-like structure in which partly glazed, partly open cubes protrude and recede, giving the façade a lively appearance. The resulting indoor spaces and versatile outdoor areas have depth and provide welcoming places to linger. External stairs and balconies as well as loggias that stretch over multiple storeys connect the different levels. Envisaged are also lush planted façades and terraced courtyards on the side away from the street, where sheltered gardens reach down to the basement level, forming a vertical garden in the middle of the city.

The lushly greened street façades offer more than just a pleasant work environment. They also create a good microclimate and thus foster species conservation.
Thanks to the ambitious green concept, the site, which had been contaminated by chemicals, can become a veritable oasis.
Floor-to-ceiling glazing allows lots of light into the building, blurring the border between inside and outside.
The spacious outdoor areas can be used flexibly – as a place to work in the fresh air or to relax during breaks.