In one of the towers along Rautistrasse in Zurich’s Freilager development, Michels Architekturbüro designed and planned roughly 600 square metres of gross floor area for the discerning interiors of an eye clinic with operating room and study centre. The execution of the spaces not only meets the highest clinical standards but also excels with appealing aesthetics and well thought-through functionality. A floor plan systematically tailored to the work optimises the workflows: Internal hallways that encircle the tower’s central vertical circulation core link all the treatment rooms and waiting zones.

A clear colour concept differentiates the various areas. Upscale materials such as walnut, marble and dark leather transmit a serious yet elegant impression. Dark wall panelling and an elegant reception counter with a mirrored base convey the inviting character of the spacious entrance. In the waiting area, soft armchairs give rise to a dignified and comfortable atmosphere. In contrast to this, the treatment rooms and the operating room – which are all in white – radiate clinical purity and medical professionalism.