In the north of the town Melle, a residential district is being created which defines the ‘New Centre North’ and is designed as an urban village. The youth and culture centre ‘Altes Stahlwerk’ forms the starting point for this and is placed as a shield against the congested Bürsche Straße. While the public sports area and a multipurpose space link up with the town via a forecourt, a semi-public space is defined by the housing behind it, which is accessible to residents of the district and those using the centre.

The whole complex is made up of rows and individual buildings, in which rental and privately-owned apartments are mixed, and remains car-free thanks to an underground car park with 180 spaces. Façades with battens made of plywood emphasize the deliberately rustic character and are structured by means of loggias and balconies. Grouped in islands, farm gardens are allocated to every building. Newly planted trees connect private and open green spaces and small squares with each other, ensuring a high quality of life outside, too. 

Site plan
Floor plan ground floor part 1
Floor plan upper floor part 1
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