Plans are afoot in the Lörick district in Düsseldorf, between homes and office complexes, for a residential and commercial ensemble that is striking in terms of urban development. Around one half of the total floor space is envisaged as apartments tailored for the elderly. The design by Michels Architekturbüro structures the construction volume into two high-rise buildings on a communal, two-storey base for retailing, restaurants and various service offerings. With its 18 floors, the residential high-rise building on the eastern side forms the highest point. A nine-storey office tower on the Niederkasseler Lohweg is planned as the second high point.

While the southern façade of the complex clearly contains the street space, the terracing that rises from east to west creates an intertwining effect with the available green corridor. The living area comprises units with a surface area of between 50 and 100 square metres and micro-flats with a surface area of 35 to 40 square metres, as well as two sheltered flat-sharing communities. Each apartment has its own external area in the form of either a roof terrace or a glazed loggia. The roof garden is available for the communal living areas.

A uniform façade design combines the base area and high-rise buildings into one complex. While the grid runs along the street side consistently, the strict pattern on the side away from the street is broken by means of the terracing.
The residential tower holds 147 apartments suitable for the elderly, as well as two supported flat-sharing communities. Each flat features its own external area in the form of either a flat terrace or a glazed loggia.