This study for a new building was created for the extension of a house in Warschauer Straße and envisages an annex with use as an office. To accompany the existing front house, a house at the rear is proposed with five full floors plus a mezzanine story. The façade catches the sunlight through its kinked surface and the existing inner courtyard garden is being expanded to include balconies with greenery and roof terrace.

On both sides of the new block, bordered inner courtyards have been created that can be accessed without door-sills. Beside offices, a canteen and fitness room are also located on the ground floor. Outside, the space is divided between open stairs and modern-style green areas. On all floors open floor plans are possible, as are partitioned-off offices. Exposed concrete and suspended ceilings made of plywood ensure a working environment both appealing and flexible.

Floor plan ground floor
Floor plan 3rd top floor – variant single offices
Floor plan 3rd top floor – variant open-plan offices
Roof top view – roof terrace