In Eichhorster Straße, a modern housing block has been created around a green inner courtyard in a quiet location on the city’s periphery. Its compact massing is enlivened by a spirited façade: the grey-coloured building is articulated horizontally by wrap-around white bands, from which large trapezoidal balconies jut out. Their soffits boast a colour concept, designed by the Berlin artists Witthöft & LaTourelle, that relates to the colouration of the surrounding Plattenbau buildings.

The owner-occupied flats, which have 2 to 4 rooms each and ceiling-high windows, provide plenty of daylight and a high quality of living. The floor plans of all units are organised around a plumbing core, with bedrooms on the northern and eastern sides, living areas facing west and south, and balconies from the first floor up. White plastered interiors, parquet flooring and underfloor heating are standard amenities, as are high-quality bathroom fixtures. The ground floor is slightly raised atop a base of dark clinker bricks, thus shielding it from public view. Each of the flats on this floor has a private front garden and a terrace adjoining the inner courtyard.