A modern housing block has been developed in Eichhorster Straße with generous balconies around a green inner courtyard. The planned privately-owned apartments are between 2 to 4 rooms in size. The façade is structured horizontally by white strips from which large balconies jut out. The darker colouring of the wall areas between the windows also give the impression of a continuous surface. The balcony undersides have been designed according to a colour concept developed by the Berlin artists Witthöft and LaTourelle.

The ground floor rests at a slight height on a dark brick base and is not visible from outside. The flats here each have a private garden out front as well as one in the inner courtyard. The ground plans of every floor are organised around a core of sanitation facilities, with bedrooms on the northern and eastern sides, living areas facing west and south, and balconies from the first floor up. White plastered interiors, parquet floors and floor heating are standard fittings, as are high-range bathrooms.