The new Pfarrplatz (parish square) lies in the heart of Straubing, right next St. Jacob’s Church. This is a modern, urban location, which blends in skilfully with the protected-status development of the Lower Bavarian town. The newly created ensemble deliberately takes its bearings from Straubing’s historical buildings, their size and arrangement, materials and colour tones. The layout of all the houses permits both broad and narrow spaces that combine into a square. The historically adapted façades determine the new residential and office buildings. Likewise, the local-style roof covering, which occasionally merges with the colour-coordinated glass front of the upper floors. In this way, the Pfarrplatz soars in all directions. The main building of the new complex arises in the north, over the old city wall with Gothic steps, a slender new construction with five floors. To the east a three-storied apartment block is to be found, likewise newly constructed. The south, by contrast, is shaped by a heritage-protected Baroque edifice that is being refurbished and extended for use as office space. Cars that to date have parked on Straubinger Pfarrplatz now disappear underneath it, into the two-storied underground car park.