Berlin’s Postbahnhof is currently undergoing comprehensive transformation into a modern office and event location: Michels Architekturbüro has taken on the task of refurbishing and expanding the three existing listed buildings from the early twentieth century while at the same time implementing compliance with applicable fire safety requirements.

In the ‘Eingangspackkammer’ (inbound packing chamber) – a railway terminus with its former track hall on the upper level – and the adjoining annex dubbed the ‘Hammer’, the conditions were established for their use as an event venue. In addition to carrying out heritage-conscious restoration, work was planned and implemented to renew the technical building equipment and to dismantle fixed elements that had retrofitted.

The planning to modernise and build another floor on top of the three-storey ‘Abgangspackkammer’ (outbound packing chamber), with its two tower-like ends, is on the verge of completion. In this way, the existing use for offices and photo studios will be expanded further. Adding an additional storey between the two existing towers will expand the office space and offer attractive roof terraces.

In the courtyard, building permission has been obtained to construct a new single-storey office building according to plans by Michels Architekturbüro. It will adjoin the old buildings and have mezzanines, an underground car park and a green roof. With its setbacks, gridded façade and restrained colour scheme, it blends respectfully into the historic building ensemble.