As part of ‘Regionale 2010’ (regionally based structural aid measures), the city of Cologne promotes alternative concepts of living at selected places on the Rhine through its ‘Living on the River’ competition. Concerning the 1st prize, chairman of the jury Jan Störmer stated: ‘The design is shaped by the idea of reviving the historical density of old Rhine villages with their intricate lanes and heterogenous structure. Places that stand out on account of their compact development and at the same time moderate building heights encourage communication and yet time and again frame private courtyards behind walls. Developing one-family houses that are interwoven in one another and differently designed achieves not only an unusual density, but also – despite the small amount of land available – a blending of private life and openness. The chance to view the Rhine exists in every residential unit, as does the framing of interesting views of the surroundings. At the same time, every house enjoys secluded external spaces in the courtyards and on the roof terraces. The density of the building, which decreases as it rises, conveys the impression of a relaxed development that integrates agreeably into the existing structure through staggered building heights.’

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