Within a newly built complex, this house with its contemporary cubic volume highlights the prominent corner point. Its bright brick façade with floor-to-ceiling windows folds inwards at different angles at both entrances, the terraces and balconies, thus affording exciting views to residents and visitors to the practice alike. Located within a listed ensemble, the design reinterprets its neighbour in a modern way, while still blending respectfully into the urban fabric on account of its materiality and its roof, which is both inclined and fashionably modulated. Usage is organised by floor. The basement and ground floor are reserved for the practice rooms, while the first floor contains the bedrooms and bathroom, and the second floor the kitchen and eating area. Moreover, the living room opens onto a terrace and offers access to the roof terrace. The fittings are top-of-the-range as befits the high demands in terms of function, with wooden fittings and surfaces designed partially in exposed concrete.