The new community centre for Birkenau municipality in the Odenwald is conceived as a sculpture-like solitary building, which literally seems to float on its steel supports over the terrain of the festival meadow. With its mixed functions as a community centre, events hall and new entrance to the open-air pool, the building turns into the modern architectural hub of the town. Like a folded sculpture, it presents itself to the north as closed up, while to the south it opens up towards the festival meadow and swimming pool, whose entrance, like that of the community centre, is accessed via an imposing ramp. The construction made of reinforced concrete is wrapped by a façade of white pigmented concrete, whose repositioned elements are clad with green ceramic tiles. Wooden windows and a green roof mediate between interior and exterior space. Despite the expressive form chosen, the requirements of EnEV 2016 are fulfilled and the entire heating power and warm water is generated via geothermal energy.

Site plan
Floor plan ground floor