Adjacent to the historic Postbahnhof and incorporating the viaduct that previously enabled trains to reach the track hall, a new office building with workspace for approximately 1,300 people is to be built. The design, by Michels Architekturbüro, calls for a linear building with five full floors plus a set-back upper storey, joined to the viaduct by a side wing.

The new building is a reinforced concrete structure with a unitised metal and glass façade that recalls the surrounding industrial architecture. The design is given a special touch with a facing of light-coloured precast concrete units set in front of the façade. The spatial programme includes generously glazed open office spaces, urban roof terraces and parking spaces for cars and bicycles on the basement and mezzanine levels.

Inside an entrance hall that is accessible from two sides and has double-height spaces that embrace the first upper floor, the exposed concrete surfaces of the new building and the brick masonry of the viaduct thrillingly converge. The historic railway structure will be restored and carefully adapted to the envisaged office and restaurant use: some of the arches will be opened up with metal-framed glazing, and a terrace is planned on the bridge-like roof.

Inside the daylight-filled entrance hall, the red brickwork of the historic viaduct meets the grey, exposed concrete surfaces of the new building.
The spacious hall is characterised by double-height spaces, into which a mezzanine accommodating fully glazed first-floor offices protrudes.
The building’s design picks up in a contemporary way on the surrounding industrial architecture. A distinctive feature is the facing of light-coloured precast concrete units that gives structure to the metal and glass façade.
On five full upper floors plus a set-back top storey, the linear building offers extensively glazed and flexibly divisible office space with spectacular views.